Undecorated Hanukkah Sugar Cookies

CAD $2.00

Have all the fun of decorating seasonal cookies on your own, but let us do the hard part 🙂

*Note: These do not automatically come with icing or sprinkles to decorate. If you’d like these, please ensure you check the box below. If you choose to add Royal Icing, you will automatically get a disposable piping bag.

The cost of Royal Icing is an additional $0.55/cookie ($3.30/6 cookies) and the sprinkles are $0.15/cookie ($0.90/6 cookies).

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Sugar Cookies
Cookie – Cane sugar, white rice flour, arrowroot flour, applesauce, water, canola oil, baking soda, salt, xanthan gum, vanilla extract, lemon oil.. *organic

Royal Icing – Icing sugar, agave, chickpea brine, lemon juice