Cake Info

The photos below are visual references of the decorations available directly on our website by selecting from the add-on list on the page of the cake you would like to order:

Textured Buttercream & Fondant Plaque
Rosettes & Ombre
Multi Colour Ombre & Drip Glaze
Single Colour Ombre & Balloons
Edible Gold Splatter & Rosette Border
Roses & Pansies
Sample of what the inside of our cakes look like

Custom Cakes

Yes we do custom cakes! Please email with the following information:

  • Date and time of pickup
  • Location of pickup (Westboro or Kanata)
  • Serving Size
  • Any relevant photos and/or information that will help provide you with a quick and accurate price

*Please note if you e-mail over Saturday or Sunday you will not receive a response until at least Monday. Emails are answered in order of priority.

We require a minimum of 3 days lead time (payment and final confirmation email received by 3pm, 3 days before pick up date) for all custom cake orders, and a minimum 7 days for fondant, tiered, and shaped cake orders.

Please enjoy the image carousel below for custom cake examples.

Although we will adhere as closely as possible to the requested design, please note that we reserve the right to decorate in accordance with what is best suited to the overall design of the custom product.

How to Store your Cake

  • If you are serving your cake tonight, leave it on the counter out of direct sunlight, in a cool dry area.
  • If you are serving your cake tomorrow, plastic wrap your cake box, freeze it over night, and begin thawing the morning of your event. *minimum of 4 hours before eating
  • Please note that cakes with bright or dark colors may run when removed from the freezer
  • Do not freeze a cake with any fondant work
  • Does your cake have doweling or foam supports? If yes, please use care when cutting and serving your cake, as these are inedible, and are purely for structural support.
  • Please enjoy!